Siderno Caffé & Ristorante

Siderno Caffé & Ristorante

by Espresso di Manfredi

We sat down recently with the team at Siderno Caffé & Ristorante to discuss what they love about coffee, their signature style and creating the perfect coffee environment.


What is you café signature coffee?

Short mac.

What is the perfect food accompaniment with coffee?

Cakes- almond croissants

What is it you love about coffee?

It brightens up my day.

How did you get into the industry?

37 years ago I was asked if I want to be a chef, and I haven’t looked back.

What is your one coffee pet hate?

Coffee with no crema

What is your favourite of the three Espresso di Manfredi blends and why?

Classico, as I love it as an espresso

What is the ideal coffee experience in your opinion?  

I enjoy my coffee while working in the kitchen.

Who is the most famous person or interesting person you’ve ever made coffee for?

Our health inspector love the coffee I make him. However, in my past I cooked for Michael Parkinson and Tom Jones


Siderno Caffé & Ristorante

224 Main Street, Osborne park, WA

Ph: 9440 6001