Our Blends

This family of specialty coffee blends has been developed for our discerning café and fine-dining community. They’re Italian in concept, modern in structure and effortless in attitude.

Each offers a different drinking experience. Audacia is bold, full-bodied and assertive. Classico is rich with a long, lingering finish. Chiaro is elegant and highlights the fruit in its flavour.


The deepest roast of our three blends, Audacia is a strong yet refined coffee. A blend containing Sumatran, East African, South American and Asian Arabicas, with sweet pungent aromas of wood spices, molasses, raisins and dark chocolate. Full-bodied with a bright, assertive – even audacious – finish.


A medium-roast blend of high quality Arabicas from South America, and fine Robustas from Asia. Classico is a nod to the classic Italian espresso blend, with Arabicas providing balanced fruit and chocolate sweetness and Robustas adding body, strength and complexity. A nuanced coffee with elegant acidity and a long, lingering finish.


An elegant, lightly roasted blend with distinctive fruit highlights. Combining high-grown washed Arabicas from Papua New Guinea, South America, East Africa and Asia, Chiaro is a sweetly floral coffee displaying assertive acidity and hints of light chocolate. Complex with a clean, long finish.