Takeaway Cups

Choose from four cup sizes – for large, regular, small and espresso-sized serves (16oz, 12oz, 8oz and 4oz). Lids are available for the 16oz, 12oz and 8oz cups.

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The curve of Espresso di Manfredi’s coffee cups is unusual yet unobtrusive – a shape that fits the hand, so you’re only aware of the coffee and not the drinking. Several styles are provided, based on specific volumes for espresso, caffe latte and cappuccino. The earthy palette recalls the rich tapestry of Italian society; the tapered base allows for a generous finish of crema in each serve. It’s effortless mastery in a cup.

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Limited Edition Colour Block Collection

From our Ceramica Collection

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Windbreaks & Umbrellas

Windbreaks come in two lengths, the smaller 1m and the larger 2m style. Height is a standard 900mm. The windbreaks sport a dual design – simple Espresso di Manfredi branding on one side, iconic photo on the other.

Espresso di Manfredi’s market-style umbrellas are 2m in diameter and feature a flat, removable base for easy storage.


Relaxed, confident and unaffected is how the café professional wants to feel at work, which is why our staff apparel blends utilitarian details with a pared-down, nonchalant aesthetic.

The charcoal shirt flatters all skin types and both genders, and the tailoring combines classic lines with box pleats that free up movement. We borrowed the lapel-style collars from the old country’s style icons – think Marcello Mastroianni.

Apart from our smart tailored shirts, Espresso di Manfredi offers a full range of staff apparel including aprons, hats and T-shirts, designed by utilitarian Sydney label, Beat Poet. The tones are muted and textures are rich, with cotton tweeds or slub fabrics, and pick-stitched or mitred details. It’s all for the sake of delivering lasting comfort and ease – with a dash of sprezzatura.

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Whether your staff’s barista skills are basic, intermediate or advanced, Espresso di Manfredi can arrange training that’s tailored to your particular needs. Training outcomes include a range of skills, from espresso extraction to perfect milk texturing, machine upkeep and latte art.

We offer personalised barista training on your premises, along with training by The Barista Workshop.