by Espresso di Manfredi

This month we welcome to Black Lime Cafe & Deli to the Espresso di Manfredi family. We sat down with them recently to discuss what they love about coffee, their signature style and creating the perfect coffee environment.

1. What is your café signature coffee?

We make an amazing 750ml mug of coffee, you can relax, sip, and read a book, and it stays hot!!!

2. What is the perfect food accompaniment with coffee?

Cheese, apples & maple syrup… trust & believe!

3. What is it you love about coffee?

I love making it, that’s my love.

4. How did you get into the industry?

After leaving school, started a casual job in a cafe, and never looked back.

5. What is your one coffee pet hate?

Customers asking us to reheat their coffee in the microwave…

6. What is your favourite of the three Espresso di Manfredi blends and why?

Audacia – nice body, strength and finish.

7. What is the ideal coffee experience in your opinion?

Nice, quiet cafe, chatty barista, good music, free wifi, smell of coffee beans, oh and definitely needs cake!!!

8. Who is the most famous person or interesting person you’ve ever made coffee for?

Being close to the beachfront here, we see some very interesting characters. One of which is Trevor. He’s been with us from day 1. He used and collect 6 16oz flat whites everyday at 8, for the nursing staff at Flinders House in Eventide. When you ask him how he is, standard response is “Happy As A Pig In ……” He’s always up for a banter and a prank on Ross from the Post Office.

Black Lime Cafe & Deli

12/353 Beaconsfield Terrace, Brighton QLD 7017

07 3269 8881