Barista Spotlight: Dimitris Papapetros

Barista Spotlight: Dimitris Papapetros

by Stefano

This week, Espresso Di Manfredi spoke to talented barista Dimitris Papapetros.

Dimitris has worked with Espresso Di Manfredi on some of our events and epitomises the masterful coffee artist that we love have making our coffee.


Why did you branch into the coffee scene?

To meet new people as well as to make people happy by serving them the best coffee they can have.
What is your favourite style of coffee to make and why?

I enjoy making flat white’s because it is easy to make patterns
What would you say developed your love of coffee and inspires you?

The passion to be as creative as I can be and the love of meeting new people, learning to be the best barista I can be and learning generally how to run a café.
What do you love about Espresso Di Manfredi?

The strong smooth taste and the consistency of the coffees