Sprezzatura Spotlight: Nicky Tindill

Sprezzatura Spotlight: Nicky Tindill

by Stefano

Each month, we speak with some of the country’s leading experts in style, art and design on all things Sprezzatura and this month we speak to Nicky Tindill, Brand and Events Manager for Hamilton Island

At Espresso di Manfredi we are inspired to partner with skilled artisans and crafts people, producers and personnel who share our core brand values and display that certain sense of Sprezzatura, and who may assist us in our constant endeavour to deliver a unique and finesse customer experience.

As Brand & Events Manager for Hamilton Island, what does your role entail?

From an events perspective I conceptualise or reinvigorate events with partners or individual talents to create unique experiences for our guests. From a brand perspective I oversee all guest touch points including all new product developments and hotel/restaurant refurbishments.

 What continues to inspire you?

I like to surround myself with interesting, talented, fun, people whether they are interior designers, architects, fashion designers, chefs, florists, growers/producers. Different talents, energies and opinions cross-over into different fields, projects and events. It’s important to surround yourself with great people, make an effort to meet new people and not be afraid to change things up.

What aesthetics are you incorporating into your events at the moment?

With the prevalence of social media, our guests are wanting more ‘shareable’ moments and this is now a key consideration when creating any event. It could be in the form of small highly stylised clusters around a location (making them look not styled is always the trick!) or a providing an insight or access to something unusual.

 What in your eyes makes an event successful – i.e. food, people, experience, wine, nature

One that touches the soul, as silly as that sounds there is merit to it and I’m really passionate about it now. A successful event for me is providing an experience that grabs as a guest and teleports them from the day they’ve been having or in extreme cases the life they’ve been living and significantly improves it. I love watching guest’s faces when they leave an event – that’s how I evaluate how well we have done our job.

Is there a particular place in Italy you enjoy visiting?

JK Place in Capri for it’s contemporary yet homely take on luxury hotels and Villa d’Este in Lake Como – no explanation required!

What makes for a good holiday destination in your eyes?

The ocean, sun, great food and a sense of community. I don’t like sterile, soulless properties.

Who epitomises sprezzatura to you?

I’m very fortunate to work with my dad, his vision, hard work and commitment has lead to amazing accomplishments – he remains humble with success and gracious in defeat.

He is met with more challenges in a day than most, those challenges are never dealt with with angst, frenzy or issue. If there is a problem he always gives the sense that there is nothing to worry about or that everything can be fixed which a wonderful attitude and environment when dealing with human beings in a business.