Espresso Di Manfredi Coffee Flavour Master Class

Espresso Di Manfredi Coffee Flavour Master Class

by Espresso Di Manfredi

Celebrating the unique collaboration between two taste masters, Stefano Manfredi and Wayne Archer, Espresso Di Manfredi invited guests to our very first Coffee Flavour Master Class at Manfredi at Bells on Saturday 30th August.

The master class was a sensory taste workshop and coffee flavour experience centred around the three Espresso di Manfredi blends; Classico, Audacia and Chiaro. Guests were given the opportunity to develop their taste palate and were taken on a complete flavour journey of the three blends.

Following the master class was a beautiful Italian feast prepared by Stefano and head chef Cameron Cansdell at Manfredi at Bells.

Images by Helen Coetzee – Photographer