Sprezzatura Spotlight: Marco Ribechini

Sprezzatura Spotlight: Marco Ribechini

by Stefano

Each month, we speak with some of the country’s leading experts in style, art and design on all things  Sprezzatura.

At Espresso di Manfredi we are inspired to partner with skilled artisans and crafts people, producers and personnel who share our core brand values and display that certain sense of Sprezzatura, and who may assist us in our constant endeavour to deliver a unique and finesse customer experience.

Marco Ribechini cooked alongside Stefano Manfredi 17 years ago before returning to his home town of Lucca in Italy and opening his own restaurant, Villa Bongi, with his wife Lee as sommelier. After eight years running the restaurant, which Manfredi visited, Ribechini returned to Australia to take up his position as Head Chef of Manfredi at Bells.

Who inspires you or where do you look for inspiration?

I find inspiration in memories, books, other chefs but more than anything else by the seasonal ingredients available to me

How would you describe your personal cooking style?

I cook what I would like to eat. Having grown up in Italy my chosen cuisine is Italian and like to cook both traditional and modern styles

How does the produce in Australia compare to the produce in Italy?

These days it’s not difficult to find almost all the ingredients that I need. There are just a few that I miss from Italy such as fresh porcini mushrooms, white truffles and especially high quality Italian grown tomatoes

Where can you be found on your day off?

I spend my days off with my family and riding my Harley Davidson

Where is your favourite place in Italy?

My favourite place in Italy is my own town Lucca, Tuscany

Who defines sprezzatura for you? 

I see sprezzatura in each of the Manfredi at Bells staff who show passion and dedication in everything they do