Sprezzatura Spotlight – Luke Coghlan

Sprezzatura Spotlight – Luke Coghlan

by Espresso Di Manfredi

This month we speak with Luke Coghlan, Espresso di Manfredi’s barista trainer.

All Espresso di Manfredi training takes place at the Barista Workshop which offers specialised barista training to a number of leading Australian coffee brands.

1.  What is your favourite thing about your job?

It is rewarding to work with aspiring baristas to hone their skills. The moment where they pick up a new skill and make better coffee as a result, it’s very satisfying.

 2.  How did you get started as a coffee barista?

I worked in hospitality from a young age and found myself interested in coffee. As a result, I tended to navigate towards the machine to practise and got to where I am today.

 3.  What do you enjoy most about making coffee?

Providing people with something exceptional that is just one moment of their day. Also the methodical buzz you get from being busy on the machine.

4.  How many people do you train at The Barista Workshop?

5-8 people per class

 5.  How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day and what is your coffee of choice?

I try to cap it at 3… Sometimes I fail. I love a strong piccolo latte.

 6.  Three tips for making a good coffee at home…

Use fresh coffee and grind as required

Use clean filtered water

Good quality clean coffee equipment

 7.  Where does your passion for great coffee stem from?

My passion comes from a love of the hospitality industry which came at a young age through my parents who were both chefs. I always dreamed of owning my own business.

8.  What’s your first coffee memory?

Learning to texture milk and constantly burning it and making marshmallow. Practise makes perfect… stick with it!

9.  What’s your pick of coffee destination/s?

I would love to visit the Douwe Egberts cafes in Europe and Intelligentsia coffee in the USA

10.   What’s the worst coffee crime? 

I would say incorrect extraction, nothing is more unpleasant than really under extracted or over extracted coffee.