Our Italian Heritage

Not many people know that Espresso di Manfredi founder Stefano Manfredi comes from Italy and still holds an Italian passport. He was born in Gottolengo, Lombardy, and lived above a café for the first six years of his life.

While he speaks in a broad Aussie accent and is a champion of all things culinary Australian, Stefano still begins his day with the ritual of Italian-style espresso. Each coffee blend at Espresso di Manfredi is rich and robust in the grand tradition of Italian espresso, yet is roasted right here in Australia for discerning local tastes.

Our Italian heritage is fundamental to everything we do at Espresso di Manfredi – from our work ethos and discerning eye, to our connection with the earth and fresh produce.

“Even though I live in Australia and use Australian ingredients, my Italian heritage is the springboard for all my cooking,” Stefano says. “The methods, the approach and the simplicity of ingredients are part of my Italian heritage.”

Espresso di Manfredi’s packaging also reflects the chef’s pride in his Italian roots. “The two old men on the package are very important. On the right is my father, Luigi Manfredi, and on the left is my friend, Sergio Ferrari. He would take me mushroom picking and show me all his favourite spots,” says Stefano.

“We didn’t have to style this shoot – that’s how my dad and Sergio always dress. They have their own sprezzatura – their own easy style. They represent the roots of my Italian heritage, and the style of Espresso di Manfredi coffee.”