Enjoy Espresso di Manfredi at home with our new 250g coffee pack

Enjoy Espresso di Manfredi at home with our new 250g coffee pack

by Espresso Di Manfredi

This week, Espresso di Manfredi’s Classico blend will be available in a take-home pack allowing customers to experience their Espresso di Manfredi moment at home.

Our family of coffee blends is the creation of two taste masters, celebrated chef Stefano Manfredi and leading coffee roaster Wayne Archer from D.E. Coffee and Tea. With decades of experience between them, both masters have drawn on their unique language of flavour and knowledge of food, to craft the family of blends, Classico, Audacia and Chiaro, sealing the essence of sprezzatura.

“When we take time for a coffee we are partaking in a certain culture. Everything associated with that moment is drawn into it, becoming part of the experience and our memory of it.” Stefano says, “Espresso di Manfredi is all about capturing these moments that contrast with the complexities of modern life. This 250g pack allows us to extend the Espresso di Manfredi moment into people’s homes.”

The original Classico blend offered in 250g pack is a fine, complex coffee with a full and textured body. Blending high-quality arabicas from South America and a touch of fine robustas from Asia, the blend offers well-balanced fruit and elegant acidity with a long lingering chocolate finish.

 “The 250g pack allows for small quantities of coffee to be ground and brewed daily at home. Classico offers a perfectly balanced coffee, rich with fruity notes and a smooth chocolate finish.” Wayne Archer

Espresso di Manfredi 250g Classico packs will be available from Espresso di Manfredi cafés Australia wide, found using our Cafe Locator.