Espresso di Manfredi Martini

In light of our recent sponsorships we thought it was time to share our Espresso di Manfredi Martini recipe. If you’re looking to impress your guests this summer, perfect this!

This month features Episode 6: Up close With Stefano Manfredi

“In our restaurants, it’s been very important to create elements that feel like they have always been there, that are timeless. The traditional elements like the black and white imagery and the earthy colours are classics,” says Manfredi Hughes.
“These colours wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in Italy. They are part of the tapestry of society there. It feels right,” says Frost.

This month features Episode 3: The Three Blends

Stefano Manfredi and Wayne Archer are the masterminds behind Espresso di Manfredi, a portfolio of three blends, Audacia, Classico and Chiaro. Manfredi conceived the blends and Archer created the coffees.