2014 Balla Italian Regional Menu Series

2014 Balla Italian Regional Menu Series

by Espresso di Manfredi

Continuing to tell the Italian story through food and wine, Stefano and the Balla family welcome back the Balla Italian Regional Menu Series for 2014.

Over the past ten years, Stefano has followed his love affair of Italian food and wine through the country’s regions, tasting first-hand the delicious offerings of Southern Europe. This year, Stefano has chosen 4 of the country’s 20 regions to share his passion and highlight the seasons; Valle d’Aosta in Autumn, Friuli during Winter, Molise for Spring and Calabria in Summer.

Valle d’Aosta (Autumn)- Tuesday 13 May

To commence the series, Stefano’s first menu was inspired by Valle d’Aosta, the smallest region in the north-western mountains of Italy, bordering France and Switzerland. Guest enjoyed the best known cheeses aged in the mountain caves as well as the local style beef fillet.

Friuli (Winter) – Tuesday 5 August

The second dinner series event will celebrate Friuli, the region nestled into the north-eastern corner of Italy bound by Austria and Slovenia. Famous for Montasio, a fresh cow’s milk cheese, and Prosciutto di San Daniele, guests will be served both delicacies on a bed of polenta gnocchi.

Molise (Spring) – Tuesday 4 November

On Tuesday 4 November, Balla will celebrate Molise and the delights of Italian Spring. The Molise menu will highlight protein from the mountains, the plains and sea starting with a poached pulled pork salad and Stefano’s (sting) ray wings with saffron.

Calabria (Summer)- Tuesday 3February

The final region celebrated will be Calabria, the peninsula that forms the ‘toe’ of the famous geographical boot. Stefano will execute a Calabrese-style lamb shoulder with onion, olives and pancetta, follwed by Chocolate and hazelnut truffle.

Event Details:

  • $95 per person with guests taking home a recipe for the main dish of the night
  • 4-course regionally inspired menu
  • Booking essential via The Star 1800 700 700

Duck and chestnut terrineMolise style ray wings with saffronSweet and sour venison with braised red cabbagePolenta gnocchi with Montasio cheese and San Daniele prosciutto