Espresso di Manfredi Martini

In light of our recent sponsorships we thought it was time to share our Espresso di Manfredi Martini recipe. If you're looking to impress your guests this summer, perfect this!Explore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight - Gabriele Taddeucci

This month for our Sprezzatura Spotlight series, we speak with Gabriele Taddeucci, Head Chef of Stefano Manfredi’s Osteria Balla and an inspiring example of a dedicated leader and a passionate Italian who embodies many Italian core values.Explore >

Espresso di Manfredi is on Spotify

Continuing to celebrate our connection with Australian music, each month Stefano Manfredi will curate a playlist for the Espresso di Manfredi Spotify.Explore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight - Kate Nixon

This month we introduce you to Kate Nixon, director at Busatti Australia and Houses Editor at Australian House and Garden magazineExplore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight: Luc Wiesman, D'Marge

This month for our Sprezzatura Spotlight series, we speak with Luc Wiesman, Founder and Managing Editor of Australia’s largest men’s style blog D’Marge, on all things style and fashion.Explore >

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  • Who do you think of?
  • The right kind of breakfast can be found at @dudleystreetespresso. Pair this with a coffee and your day will be great.
  • Always explore the backstreets, this is where the best coffee can be found.
  • Enjoy the weekend - spend it somewhere that inspires you.
  • The art is in the process – from bean selection to creating the perfect crema. You have to love every step.
  • Some good Crostoli and a great coffee, our favourite way to spend a Sunday.
  • By choosing BioPak take away cups Espresso di Manfredi have helped offset 643 tons of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to 269,906 litres of fuel saved, 3,697,327 kms travelled in a vehicle and 255 cars off the road.
  • Created by Pauline Demirjian, the Audacia Wake-Up is the kick you need on a slow day. Head to our Facebook page for the recipe.
  • High quality Arabicas from South America, and fine Robustas from Asia. Classico is a nod to the classic Italian espresso blend. Head to our Facebook page to learn more.
  • Everyday we are inspired by generous, casual authenticity of modern café culture, we strive for sprezzatura.
  • We need a few of these to keep us going post Christmas. We're still full! #EspressodiManfredi
  • An espresso to get us through the last few days of Christmas preparation! #EspressodiManfredi
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  • Espresso di Manfredi's Classico is  a nuanced coffee with elegant acidity and a long, lingering finish. #ManfrediAus #EspressodiManfredi
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Brewing with Chemex

Brewing with Chemex

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