Espresso di Manfredi Martini

In light of our recent sponsorships we thought it was time to share our Espresso di Manfredi Martini recipe. If you're looking to impress your guests this summer, perfect this!Explore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight - Gabriele Taddeucci

This month for our Sprezzatura Spotlight series, we speak with Gabriele Taddeucci, Head Chef of Stefano Manfredi’s Osteria Balla and an inspiring example of a dedicated leader and a passionate Italian who embodies many Italian core values.Explore >

Espresso di Manfredi is on Spotify

Continuing to celebrate our connection with Australian music, each month Stefano Manfredi will curate a playlist for the Espresso di Manfredi Spotify.Explore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight - Kate Nixon

This month we introduce you to Kate Nixon, director at Busatti Australia and Houses Editor at Australian House and Garden magazineExplore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight: Luc Wiesman, D'Marge

This month for our Sprezzatura Spotlight series, we speak with Luc Wiesman, Founder and Managing Editor of Australia’s largest men’s style blog D’Marge, on all things style and fashion.Explore >

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  • Chiaro is a sweetly floral coffee displaying assertive acidity and hints of light chocolate. Complex with a clean, long finish.
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  • Life begins after coffee.
  • The @osteriaballamanfredi Milanese-style Asparagas is the perfect appetiser for your next dinner party. 
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  • We love nothing more than the smell of fresh coffee.
  • Sprezzatura - It's mastery that appears effortless.
  • The curve of Espresso di Manfredi’s coffee cups is unusual yet unobtrusive – a shape that fits the hand, so you’re only aware of the coffee and not the drinking.
  • A good afternoon is not complete without a coffee.
  • Kick start your long weekend with a Manfredi Martini! 
Made with a shot of smooth Espresso di Manfredi coffee, vodka, coffee liqueur and a shot of vanilla sugar syrup it's the perfect drink to accompany a night out.
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  • Like all good things, full flavour takes time. Here's our guide to brewing with your Chemex so you can get the full rich flavours of your coffee.
  • The perfect sweet treat.

The Espresso Di Manfredi Bonet is a traditional dessert from the Langhe area of Piemonte and one of our favourites. 
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  • The Classico is a nod to the classic Italian espresso blend. A nuanced coffee with elegant acidity and a long, lingering finish.
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  • It is the love of coffee in every pour that makes Espresso Di Manfredi truly magnifico


Brewing with Chemex

Brewing with Chemex

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Coffee Beans 1kg