Espresso di Manfredi Martini

In light of our recent sponsorships we thought it was time to share our Espresso di Manfredi Martini recipe. If you're looking to impress your guests this summer, perfect this!Explore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight - Gabriele Taddeucci

This month for our Sprezzatura Spotlight series, we speak with Gabriele Taddeucci, Head Chef of Stefano Manfredi’s Osteria Balla and an inspiring example of a dedicated leader and a passionate Italian who embodies many Italian core values.Explore >

Espresso di Manfredi is on Spotify

Continuing to celebrate our connection with Australian music, each month Stefano Manfredi will curate a playlist for the Espresso di Manfredi Spotify.Explore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight - Kate Nixon

This month we introduce you to Kate Nixon, director at Busatti Australia and Houses Editor at Australian House and Garden magazineExplore >

Sprezzatura Spotlight: Luc Wiesman, D'Marge

This month for our Sprezzatura Spotlight series, we speak with Luc Wiesman, Founder and Managing Editor of Australia’s largest men’s style blog D’Marge, on all things style and fashion.Explore >

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  • So good to finally see easy-to-peel chestnuts at the start of the season. This large variety is called Bouche de Betizac. Score and roast for a classic taste or score and microwave for 90-120 seconds, covered, to retain moisture if pureeing or adding to soup or stuffing. #chestnutsaustralia #chestnuts #seasonal #manfrediaus
  • A great photo by @stylebycoffee. Two great Italian things in one photo, Valentino enjoyed with an Espresso di Manfredi coffee.
  • Did you know that the two old men on the Espresso di Manfredi packaging are playing Scissors Paper Rock? The rock is Luigi Manfredi, Stefano's dad. As an Italian and migrant to Australia, his story underpins important values of the Manfredi tradition; the pioneering spirit, hard work, connection to the earth and its seasonal produce, and the importance to take time with friends and family.
  • Exploring the laneways of Melbourne, rich with colour and spoiled for choice when searching for a coffee. (Image, Christine Smith)
  • Stefano Manfredi will be telling his story at The Hyatt in Perth this weekend.
  • A road trip through Tuscany sounds just about perfect.
  • The perfect twist on a traditional coffee is our Chocolate Cappuccino. Try these to add that little bit of Italian flavour at your next dinner party, they're perfect for dessert!

  • Amazing colours along the Amalfi Coast. Spettacolare!
  • Congratulations to @LuMidining and Pizzaperta Manfredi for making it in the @DailyTelegraph’s top 9 best Sydney waterfront view restaurants. Both proudly serve our Espresso di Manfredi coffee so make sure you visit them and enjoy the coffee and the view this summer!
  • Exploring the canals of Venice is truly a breathtaking experience.
  • While the celebration of Christmas is known throughout Italy, some Italian families wait until the 6th of January to open gifts, believing that La Befana, a kind witch, drops off presents.
  • They say home is where the heart is, and our heart is definitely at home in this beautiful city.


Brewing with Chemex

Brewing with Chemex

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